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Precision Advantage Program  01/02/18 2:01:01 PM

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As you may or may not know, Heart of Missouri MFA Agri-Services offers the Precision Advantage Program. With this program, soil samples are taken every 2.5 acres. These sample points are geo-referenced using satellites. Nutrient data from the soil test results are used to create nutrient inventory surfaces. This will show you the variability and availability of each nutrient across the field. Recommendations are then developed from these surfaces based on your yield goals and field history. A prescription file for lime or fertilizer is loaded into the computer on the spreader truck and the lime or fertilizer is applied at varying rates over the field. Variable rate application of lime or fertilizer allows it to be placed where it is needed and in the proper amount across the field. Benefits of the Precision Advantage program include; eliminating costly over application of lime and fertilizer where it is not needed; ability to put lime and fertilizer where they will do the most good; and having geo-referenced data for that field which will allow for future retesting of the same area in field in order to monitor progress of nutrient levels. This is a brief overview of the Precision Advantage program. We encourage everyone to try this program on some of their acres and see first hand the benefits it offers. For more information about the program or to set up an appointment to visit with us, contact your local Heart of Missouri MFA Agri-Service.

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